When did my photographic journey start?
My passion for photography had it's starting point way back in the early 1980s when I got my first camera as a birthday present from my uncle. It was a AGFA Optima 335 which I still own. As this camera has only a time automatic mode, I had to learn how to set aperture and focus manually. This helped me to develop a sense for correct setting of values at the very beginning of my photographic adventure.
What kind of photography do I like most?
I realized very quickly that landscape photography is what I like the most and still capturing nature and landscape scenes is what I really love.
Do I shoot landscapes only?
No. As I love to experiment and learn new ways of capturing the moment I'm interested in pretty much all the areas of photography. Besides shooting landscape and nature scenes I like shooting sky and night sky, people and  especially portrait or street and urban scenes.
What kind of gear do I use?
I still own pretty much all of my cameras and lenses I collected over the years and I still use them all from time to time. Especially the very old ones like a Voigtländer Vito or a IKonta from Zeiss Ikon I really love to use these. For my landscape photography I'm using Canon digital camera systems.
Do I only keep my photos digitally?
For sure not. I'm a strong believer that only a printed photo can show it's full beauty and generate emotions. That is why I love to print the best of my photos and hang them up on the walls at home. Some years ago I even taught myself how to build frames and cut mats.
Do I sell my photographs?
Absolutely! But this site is not a shop and I do not maintain an online shop. So if someone is interested in buying prints or licenses please feel free to contact me using the contact form.

Enough words I'd say. 
So please feel free to click through my portfolio and enjoy the pictures.
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